Queen of the Madhouse
Face Up To Facts!


1. When using M.I.S.F.I.T. Creme Eye Shadow keep eye lids down for a few seconds so it can dry otherwise you will have patches where you looked up! Not good!

2. Remember you will need make up remover to remove your M.I.S.F.I.T. Creme Eye Shadows or Jilly Dilbree Gel Eye Liners as this stuff won't budge!

3. I find applying make up remover to my cheek bones first then spreading over the eye area works best as you have less opportunity of getting it in your eyes. Always be careful!

4. Because of the setting agents in the Brown Monkey Concealers rest your finger tip in the pot for a couple of seconds prior to application as the heat of your finger will make it easier to apply.

5. When using your Nut Case Creme Lipsticks or your Shimmy Shimmy Pearl Lipsticks only wind up a quarter of the stick otherwise by winding the stick to it's full length will cause breakage.

6. When applying Ooh Aah Lip Gel to save wastage just pop a little on your fingertip then apply to lips.

7. When using your Raven MaD Matte Eye Shadows remember you can wet your applicator for a more darker colour.

8. Remember when using any of the foundations to keep away from eyes as sensitivity to the eyes may occur.